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Mathematical Points
Astrology isn't only about celestial bodies.  There are a variety of calculated
mathematical points that are also important considerations in any natal chart.   

The Ascendant, for example, is the degree of the Zodiac rising directly on the Eastern
horizon at the moment the birth chart or event occurs.  This point is the defining one
from which the Houses are all calculated, each House representing a different life area
of influence governed by the planets and signs.  

The North and South Nodes of the Moon are also important, being the points where
the Moon's orbit intersects the Sun's orbital plane (aka the Ecliptic), as well as where
both solar and lunar eclipses occur.  The Nodes are called "shadow planets" in Vedic
(Hindu) astrology, and Western astrologers often interpret the Nodes in terms of an
individual's life purpose.  

I include a number of astrologically important  points in my necklaces, so that you can
have a more comprehensive representation of your personal universe.

The wide photo below the following table shows a sampling of the variety of beads
available for marking the House cusps in Beady Little Skies™ necklaces (separated by
red beads for clarity).  The top strand shows various silver and vermeil beads as well
as a multicolored star, a hematite star, a hematite heart, and several bright glass
beads, any of which might be used in a given necklace, depending on the look.  White
baby numerals are available for folks who like the House numbers clearly indicated,
and sterling silver blocks are also available for that extra sparkle.
Math Point
enlarged to show detail
Ascendant Planet earth and silver heart to point the way
8 mm malachite/azurite, looks like
Planet Earth, (You are ►here!)
plus a silver heart to point the way
to read the necklace. i.e., follow
your heart
North Node
of the Moon
/ Rahu
North Node - rhinestone wheel
6 X 3 mm rhinestone wheel, for the
clarity of finding one's life purpose
even though it's often hard to do
South Node
of the Moon
/ Ketu
South Node - faceted hematite rondelle
5 X 3 mm faceted hematite
rondelle, for the ease with which we
can get sidetracked by the path of
least resistance
Vertex - clear crystal
4 mm clear crystal, pointing to
seemingly fated meetings we can't
avoid (both good and not so good)
Part of
Fortuna - pink crystal
4 mm pink crystal, for the happy
feeling of being in the pink when
Fortune smiles at us
Black Moon
Black Moon Lilith - black crystal
4 mm black crystal, for the defiance
against all odds involved when
resentment of inequality is a
house cusp beads available