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I strive for the highest quality on workmanship and service, and I stand behind
my work.   If an error is made in location of chart components, I will fix it for free
(not counting shipping charges).  If there is a defect in workmanship, I will fix it
for free (not counting shipping charges).   

I make my necklaces with 49 strand stainless steel nylon coated cable to assure
strength and flexibility in normal wear.   If you snag it hard on something,
however, it can break, so please take normal precautions.   

Restringing of a broken necklace from returned pieces involves just as much
labor as creating it in the first place, so a minimum $30 per strand restringing
fee will be charged for such repairs.  Ditto for restringing if you find you've given
me the wrong birth information or if you change your mind about the color.

You may order from me with confidence in the privacy of your information.  
I do not share your personal information with any other people or companies.
I do not participate in spam.  

All work is custom hand-made-to-order by me personally, on a
first-come-first-strung basis, pending clearance of payment.  Once work begins,
it may take 2-6 weeks to arrive at your desired shipping address (actual average
2 weeks or less).  Things may get jammed around the pre-holiday season, so
order early to avoid disappointment.  If there is any reason for delay, I will be in
touch with you immediately.

Shipping will generally be via UPS or USPS, and will always include insurance
where available.  If you have particular preferences, I will do my best to
accommodate them, but you must let me know what they are.  Customers may
arrange for personal pickup to avoid shipping costs.

Rush orders are occasionally accepted, depending on the press of other orders
already in queue.  If a rush order is accepted, there will be additional charges to
cover overnight shipping costs, as well as possible overtime charges.  These
can only be figured accurately on a case-by-case basis.

Prices, available colors, special beads and components are subject to change
without notice due to supply availability.  I will make every effort to update the
website as soon as such changes occur.

Gisela Rodriguez

Beadmistress at beadylittleskies dot com