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How to Choose Them
Every Your Wearable Cosmos™ horoscope necklace will include the following 5
asteroid beads (standard) plus 3 others (chosen by the purchaser).  The asteroids
are represented in the indicated colors by large seed beads (6
o seed bead size),
unless the purchaser upgrades the beads to either black plastic letter beads, or 4mm
sterling silver letter blocks, as shown below.
asteroid beads available
Ceres (1):  Earth Mother, Mother Nature, the One Who Gives Forth Grain (cereals
are named for her).  In a natal chart, she represents the need for nurturing; food; the
relationship between mother & child; issues of “taking care of” people, plants and
animals; growths/cysts; herbs and grains.  Ceres is the largest of the asteroids, and
was the first asteroid ever discovered, in 1801.

Pallas (2):  Another name for Athena, the strategist, warrior goddess, and "Zeus'
little girl".  Pallas represents approval-seeking; strategies of relating; perceptual skill;
whether one is willing and/or able to do those things that will please another.  
Discovered 1802.

Juno (3):  Wife of Zeus.  Partners; marriage/relationship; maintenance of one's
rights or position with other; question of “rights” and fairness/compromise;
enforcement of fairness; potential for score-keeping, jealousy, fears of abandonment
& infidelity; tallying ($$$ & fairness).  Discovered 1804.

Vesta (4):  Keeper of the hearth fire, Zeus' big sister.  Commitment to work; using
work as a compensation; dedication to accomplishment or goals; emotional
distancing; hard work and career demands; impersonal; sublimation of other interests
into the career or vocation; sacrifice/denial of self (by others/self) for a “greater
goal.”  Discovered 1807.

Lilith (1181):  Adam's first wife (yes, before Eve)...  Triangulation; competing;
selection & rejection; decisions (regarding angle or aspects;) divided loyalties;
favoritism; gender stereotypes; use of sex or rejection for dominance.  Discovered

In addition, three other asteroids may be chosen by the purchaser, for a total
of 8 in any given necklace design.   The beads used to represent those are
turquoise, and red in color, unless the purchaser upgrades to letters.

Tips for Choosing Asteroids:

A complete and up-to-date alphabetical list of asteroids can be found at the Minor
Planets Center  website.  Take your time there, as the list is quite extensive, and full
of surprises.

There are thousands of named asteroids available from which to choose, and it can
be confusing or overwhelming to go through and decide what seems best.  Names of
the asteroids come in as many different languages as are spoken by the
astronomers who discovered them, so spelling varies quite a bit, too.

If choosing is difficult, try one of the following suggestions:

Pick the names of close family members or friends, the ones who mean most to
you.  Not every name is available, but you’d be surprised how many are already
Hint: check for both first names and last names.

Pick the names of your favorite movie stars, politicians, scientists, artists, or
musicians –
whoever inspires you.  Yes, Jimmypage 44016 has an asteroid
named after him, as do each of the Beatles (Lennon 4147, McCartney 4148,
Harrison 4149, Starr 4150, and Beatles 8749).  So do Santana 2620, Jerrylewis
11548, Jesseowens 6758, Ibsen 5696, Hughgrant 20789, and even Mr. Spock 2309.  

Mythological names are numerous, so
if a myth inspires you, go for it!   Inspiring
place names are also common, so perhaps your favorite city?
Some amusing associated sets:

The 3 Fates
(from Greek mythology:  
These 3 are the default asteroids I provide if the purchaser doesn't want to choose)
Klotho 97  - she spins
Lachesis 120  - she measures
Atropos 273  - she cuts
Moe 30439
Larry 30440
Curly 30441
Mr. Spock 2309
Roddenberry 4659
Scott 876
Jean-Luc 9531
Carygrant 9342
Clarke 4923
Tomhanks 12818
Hughgrant 20789
Kirkdouglas 19578
Spartacus 2579
Seanconnery 13070
James Bond 9007
Beethoven 1815
Berlioz 69288
Mozartia 1034
Brahms 1818
Sherlock 5049
Doctorwatson 5050
Marilyn 1486
Kimnovak 9339
Jodiefoster 17744
Alice 291
Tweedledee 9387
Tweedledum 17681
Cheshirecat 6042
Madhatter 6735
Marchare 6736
Lewiscarroll 6984
Jabberwock 7470
Whiterabbit 17942
Whiteknight 17612
Redqueen 17518
Tolkien 2675
Bilbo 2991
Arago 1005
Rocknroll 17058
Elvis 17059
Buddy 16155
Holly 19955
Spector 18132
Brianwilson 18125
Beatles 8749
Rolling Stones 19383
Beegees 15092
Clapton 4305
Jimmypage 44016
Zappafrank 3834
Garcia 4442
Santana 2620
Springsteen 23990
Pink Floyd 19367
Yes 7707

Roachapproach 5945
Vangelis 6354
JaneIraBloom 6083
Oldfield 5656
Jarre 4422
Enya 6433
Michelangelo 3001
Leonardo 3000
Voltaire 5676
Descartes 3587
Spinoza 7142
Martin Luther 7100
Karl Marx 2807
Sigmund 6571
Freud 4342
Jung 11518
Isaac Newton 8000
Einstein 2001
Kepler 1134
Galilea 697
Coppernicus 1322
Bohr 3948
Lavoisier 6826
Leibniz 5149
Leewenhoek 2766
Darwin 1991
Sagan 2709
Asimov 5020
Bradbury 9766
Pohl 12284
Niven 12513
Heinlein 6371
Vonnegut 25399
Poulanderson 7758
Robinwilliams 12820
Jayleno 13212
Johnny 3252
Carson 6572
Winters 15111
George 3854
Carlin 4121
Jerrylewis 11548
Spacewatch 4255
NASA  11365
Soyuz-Apollo  2228
Brontosaurus 9949
Tyrannosaurus 9951
Stegosaurus 9880
Triceratops 9937
Brachiosaurus 9954