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The Book
Can you judge a book by its cover?
Each Your Wearable Cosmos™ Necklace comes with a completely personalized
20+ pages book describing every element of your necklace and what it means, as
well as an astrological chart analysis.  

The book measures 8.5 X 11 inches and has clear plastic protective covers so it's
made to last.  
Inside every companion book you'll find specification of what each bead
represents, where in your chart it appears, and what the symbolism is for each
bead selected.
Of course not; it's what's inside that matters most!
Of course, it doesn't hurt if it's all about one or two of the the people I care about most...
The computer generated astrological chart analysis included looks at the major planetary
positions in signs and houses, as well as the most significant aspects among them.  

United Universes™ Synastry necklace companion books include individual chart analyses for
both partners as well as a combined analysis for their relationship,
over 50 pages of
personalized information.