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Sunface, Elemental Colors, Sterling Silver House Cusps
How to Order
Your Wearable
Single strand handmade Your Wearable Cosmos™ necklace  costs only $90, and
that includes your own personally specific explanatory companion book (20+ pages), so
you always know what each bead signifies and why it's there.

Double stranded custom
United Universes™ Synastry necklaces  cost $240, and also
include a personally specific explanatory companion book (50+ pages) covering the
details for each individual separately as well as their combined union.

I need the following bits of information about your preferences; there are spaces for all
these choices included in the
Order Form:

Tell me the name(s) of the recipient(s).  I need this for the companion book(s).

Tell me the exact date, time of day, and place (town/state/country) of each
recipient birthdate or event.
 If you don't know the exact time, can you get it?
If not, we can still do an untimed chart and necklace for you.  It just won't
have an Ascendant, House cusps, or Part of Fortune, and the position of the
Moon will be indicated as a range of the 12-13  degrees it could have been in
on that particular day.  
See our sample of how this works, it's a terrific solution!

Choose one or more colors for the background degrees:
☼  We have 36 available right now.  
If you don't see what you want, ask, and
we'll try to get it for you.

Choose a sun (no charge):
 Brass happy sunface (default)
Goldtone Yin Yang
 Goldtone Thoth baboon

    Choose a moon:  
      regular dark blue porcelain with pink moon and yellow stars (default)
    Sterling Silver "kilroy" face, add $5   

    Choose House Cusps beads:
      regular spacers (default)
      white plastic baby numerals, add $5
      numeric Sterling Silver blocks, add $30

    Choose three asteroids (no charge):
      the 3 Greek Fates (default)
      your 3 choices out of thousands available
    »  tell me who you picked each of these for, (e.g., your son, your spouse, etc)
    so I can reference them correctly in the personalized companion book
that comes with every necklace

Choose beads to represent all 8 asteroids (5 standard plus 3 free choices):
  regular colored glass beads (default)
  black plastic baby letters, add $3
  alphabetic Sterling Silver blocks, add $20

If you are an astrologer, choose technical options  (no charge)

Shipping within USA (which includes insurance where available) for one
necklace or strand is $10, or $15 for two necklaces or strands.  

Foreign shipping will require special communications to establish what costs
will be on a case-by-case basis.  

Connecticut residents must include 6% sales tax on total, including shipping
(CT DRS rules, not mine.  Sorry!

When paying by check (US residents only!!!), the check must include a printed
address, your driver's license number, and your phone number.  
Mail checks (
payable to Gisela Rodriguez) to:  
Gisela Rodriguez
695 Talcottville Road, #35-K
Vernon, CT 06066
or send payment electronically via PayPal to Beadmistress at beadylittleskies dot

Or use the Order Forms on this website which include PayPal Shopping Cart buttons.

Or call 860-872-3106 to place an order with a live human being, me!

Work on your necklace will begin after payment has cleared in first-come-first-strung
, so please allow 2-6 weeks after that for construction and shipping (usually takes
less than two weeks).  Things do get jammed around the pre-holiday season, so order
early to avoid disappointment.  If there is any reason for delay, I will be in touch with you