Personal custom astrological birth chart jewelry for the most
discerning astrology mavens - Wear your cosmos and shine, even if
you don't know your exact time of birth.  Let me show you how...
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Astrological Jewelry for the Time of Your Life!
My beautiful personal birth chart horoscope necklaces use stones, glass,
and silver to capture the astrological essence of you!  Each custom
hand-made-to-order horoscope necklace includes all these features in
their precise astrological locations in your complete 360° natal chart:
The Sun and Moon are represented by special beads -- The interval of the Moon’s travel
on your birthday is clearly marked out for you in untimed necklaces
The Planets are represented by symbolically relevant semiprecious stones
The horoscope Ascendant and all the astrological House Cusps in timed necklaces
All 12 Zodiac Sign Cusps
Both North Node and South Nodes of the Moon
The Galactic Center Sagittarius A*
Chiron and the four Major Asteroids:  Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta
Part of Fortune, Vertex, Black Moon Lilith PLUS asteroid Lilith
Your choice of any three additional personal named asteroids from a list of thousands
PLUS, you also get a full 20+ page book including all information about your horoscope
necklace's component parts, what each of them means, and a personalized astrological analysis.
Astrology You Can See, Feel, Touch, And Wear As Your Own Cosmos.
Custom Astrological Jewelry Designed From Your Own Natal Chart Horoscope.
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Other websites tell you about astrology;
                                                 I drape you in it!

The Your Wearable Cosmos™ necklace is the most
fabulous way to make your birth chart come alive in
your hands as
a personal mandala,
         as a spiritual mala,
         as a beautiful expression
 of who you came to Earth to become.  

I've already put pictures of all the current colors for the background
degree beads up, as well as pictures of the
planetary and cusp
beads.  I've also gotten some basic info about some of the jewelry
styles up, and more will be forthcoming.  There's lots more coming,
but the basics are in, at least in rough form.  

Soon there will be more ample explanations and photos of all the
component elements that make each of my custom natal chart
necklaces thoroughly personal and totally unique, as well as more
complete info about the personalized birth chart analysis that comes
with every
Your Wearable Cosmos™ necklace I make.  I'll be
happy to respond to any questions or comments about my natal
chart necklaces and how they are custom made just for

Contact Gisela Rodriguez   
Beadmistress at beadylittleskies dot com