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If you think individual birthcharts are the only
use for my necklaces, think again!!  

Composite Relationship Chart Necklaces (One Strand):  These take the birth data
from two people and blend them together in to one chart that represents the
relationship between them, i.e., the "Us" part of "You, Me, and Us."   Excellent for
handfastings, weddings, and anniversaries for couples.  Also great for business and
artistic partnerships where the mutual endeavor is what counts most!

United Universes™ Synastry Necklaces (Double Stranded):  These are made up of
two separate necklaces combined to highlight both the individuality and the inter-
relationship between two people.  
More details here.

Solar Return (Current Year Birthday) Necklaces:  A Solar Return chart shows how
the sky is laid out for this year, timed for when the Sun returns to the same exact spot in
the Zodiac where it had been the moment you were born.  These current birthday
charts have a lot to say about what trends will be important for you in the here and now
of this year, and can be used to make necklaces that reflect and reinforce your current
efforts in life.

Life Milestones / Business Startups / Electional Necklaces:  Sometimes you seek
out an astrologer's help to figure out when is the most appropriate time to initiate a new
activity or embark on a new phase in an ongoing stream of work.  You can get that
electional (i.e., planned for ahead of time for maximum benefit) chart done up as a
talismanic necklace to reinforce your energy and determination to manifest your goals.

As always, each of these styles comes with a personalized companion book detailing all
the parts of the necklace, how to read them, and the chart anlaysis.   Intrigued?  
me to discuss what makes the most sense for you.