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Planetary Beads
Each planetary bead in Your Wearable Cosmos™ is selected with the specific
symbolic characteristics of the celestial body in mind.  Occasionally alternative
beads may be offered for variety, but always in keeping with the symbolism.
Bead Photo
enlarged to show detail
Brass Sun
15 mm brass traditional happy sunface,
lighter weight but not so shiny yellow as
the Yin Yang bead.  Still all about vitality,
health, personal identity, and will.

[Choose either this or the next sun bead at no extra
Pewter Yin
Yang Sun
15 mm goldtone pewter double sided  
disk with Taoist symbol of infinite changes

Moon - blue porcelain with yellow stars
regular 8 mm Moon bead, blue porcelain,
pink crescent, yellow stars.  Rules
security seeking Cancer, represents
nourishment, protection, loyalty to kith
and kin, nurturing and physical comfort.
Silver Moon
Moon - sterling silver
12 X 10 mm sterling silver "kilroy", very
contented and wise.
[this choice is $5 extra]
Mercury - faceted tiger eye
8 mm faceted tiger eye, for the
intellectual flashes of brilliance and the
great everchanging curiousity that this
most chatty and brainy planet
(The actual gem is much yellower
and flashier than the photo displays)  
Rules both
scattered Gemini and organized Virgo
Venus - deep green agate
8 mm deep green agate, for the verdant
beauty of the planet of desire, youth,
love, money, and luxurious comfort.  
Rules comfy Taurus and socially
strategic Libra.
Mars - red coral
8 mm red coral, for the firey heat of the
competition, glory seeking, and athletic
energy displayed by Aries.  Mars is also
the traditional ruler of watery and
aggressive Scorpio, making red coral a
good choice for both rulerships.
Jupiter - amethyst
8 mm amethyst, royal purple for the King
of the Gods, philosophical, generous,
expansive, while also ethereal.  Rules
both outspoken Sagittarius and sensitive
Saturn - lapis lazuli
8 mm lapis lazuli, deep blue for the
authority of boundaries and natural laws
which can be worked with but never
broken.  Flecks of pyrite intimate the
golden wisdom to be found by embracing
structure as a tool rather than an
obstacle.  Rules business minded
Capricorn & politically minded Aquarius.
Uranus - blue fiber optic glass
8 mm blue fiber optic for the most
technological and innovative of planets,
always full of surprises on the cutting
edge of modern life.  Modern co-ruler of
revolutionary Aquarius.
Neptune - labradorite
8 mm labradorite, cloudy, ill defined,
seemingly boundary-less and merging
with everthing else, always involved with
the play of lights and shadows, yet
streaked with sudden flashes of inspired
intuition - that's Neptune.  Modern ruler
of spiritual Pisces
8 mm sodalite, for the icy obsession with
the denim clothed masses, and the
compusion to shatter societal
expectations on a global scale.  Modern
ruler of power politics oriented Scorpio
Chiron - 3 mm red garnet
3 mm red garnet, blood colored for the
wounded healer and maverick, the
Centaur who teaches wisdom despite his
mixed up origins and appearance; not a
ruler, but an advisor.
Sagittarius A*
Galactic Center Sag A - blue goldstone
5 mm blue goldstone star, for the unseen
black hole at the center of our own Milky
Way Galaxy, the literal hub of galactic
energy and power.