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Synastry is the astrological technique of analyzing two horoscopes in relationship
to one another.  It's most often done for couples to look at how each of their
individual chart factors harmonize or conflict with one another, though the
technique can actually be applied to any two charts, such as, say, the chart of the
President with the chart of the United States.  Synastry is most often done with two
horoscope wheels, one inside the other, so that it's easy to see where in each
other's charts each individual's planets fall.
BiWheel Synastry of a Couple
United Universes™ Synastry Necklace
My United Universes™ Synastry necklaces are designed for couples to celebrate their
combined destinies in a uniquely artistic way.  I handcraft two
Your Wearable
necklaces, one for each person's natal chart.  And I join them at four points
around the wheel, so that both necklaces can be read either alone or in relationship to
each other.   After all, when two people team up for life, they don't stop being
themselves as they create their union.  Because of this, you get to make individual
customized choices about each of the strands (i.e., colors, moon bead, house cusps,
asteroids, etc), to fit with the personalities or preferences of each half of the couple

detailed and personalized companion book includes all the information on how to
read each necklace, individual chart analyses, and an additional analysis discussing
the influence of each chart on the other.   It's the perfect wedding, handfasting, or
anniversary gift for that fabulous couple who were just meant to be together!